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Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN): If there is a significant natural or man-made emergency in your area – flood, tornado, hazardous material spill, etc. – local officials have the ability to send messages to all standard voice and text communication devices you register making you aware of the situation and giving you instructions on how to respond by using a “Alert” emergency call-out system. Register on this site to recieve these notifications:

Contact list of area, county and state government officials:

GBRA Rules and Regulations

Lake Drawdown Safety Advisory from GBRA:


GBRA website for detailed lake information:

Drawdown of Meadow Lake March 2023:

GBRA has posted the Meadow Lake Drawdown Notice on the website here:  

According to the notice, the process of lowering the spill gates at Meadow Lake will begin on March 27. All activity on Meadow Lake should be suspended during the drawdown period beginning on March 27th. Any access or activities on the water including to retrieve or secure property should be completed prior to March 27. Once the lowering of the spill gates at both lakes is completed, access or activities on the water may resume.

Until the drawdown date, please continue to obey the prohibited and restricted water zones defined below.

Independent Expert Panel Report (defining lake zones):

The maps below were presented by the GBRA on their informational website.

Prohibited unsafe zones are shown in red and NO activities on or in the water are allowed in these zones. There are (or were, before the Oct 2021 flood) large floating signs in these areas specifying where they begin.
Restricted unsafe zones are marked in yellow. Boats are allowed in these areas, including kayaks and paddleboards, but there are NO "in-water" activities allowed which includes swimming, tubing and wading. Again, there are (or were, before the Oct 2021 flood) large floating signs specifying where these zones begin.

If you want to zoom in closer on a specific part of the lake, the interactive map is found here:                

The GVLakes website has a good FAQ section if you have more questions about these zones or about the Independent Expert Panel Report which recommended them:

Prohibited and Restricted Unsafe Zones for All GV Lakes:


Prohibited and Restricted Unsafe Zones for Meadow Lake:


Flood Information

Latest river forecast from National Weather Service:

Tune in to KWED 1580 am for the latest information about local flooding in Guadalupe County, provided by GBRA and local emergency management officials

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Lake Safety

Invasive Zebra Mussels

Invasive zebra mussels have devastating economic, recreational and environmental impacts. Because of this, state regulations require draining of water from boats and onboard receptacles when leaving or approaching public fresh waters. Please follow the recommendations from Texas Parks & Wildlife to protect Meadow Lake and the other lakes in Texas from invasive zebra mussels. More information can be found at

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