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Selection Guidelines

Current Board of Directors

Committee Descriptions

Current Committee Members


Selection Guidelines

  1. The Board of Directors consists of between five and 15 members

  2. There are two categories of Directors

    • Property Directors – Members who are landowners abutting the shore of the lake

    • Associate Directors – Other members who are interested in the objectives MLNDA, who pay prescribed dues and who abide by the bylaws and support the purposes of MLNDA

  3. The Board of Directors consists of a two-thirds majority of Property Directors

  4. Meadow Lake is currently divided as equally as possible into three zones with two members from each zone having precedence for election to the Board of Directors

  5. The Board of Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting

  6. Board members may hold office for up to a three-year term

  7. Members of the Board of Directors or officers shall not receive any compensation for their services


For more information regarding the Board of Directors and Officers, please see Bylaws of the Meadow Lake Nolte Dam Association, Inc.: Articles V and VI.

Current Board of Directors 2022-23


Jacy Robbins (President)
Andy Taylor (Vice President)
Roxanne Henricksen (Treasurer)

Jack Walker (Asst. Treasurer)
Christy Sellers

Mike Messersmith

Robert Raetzsch

Danelle Roddy

Paul Bluntzer

Miriam Jones

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