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The Bylaws state MLNDA's purpose and define the rules for membership, Board of Director/Officer elections, meeting guidelines, etc. The Bylaw document (revised on Oct. 14, 2020) can be found in the link below:

On Sept. 16 and Oct. 14, 2020, the Board of Directors met for their regularly scheduled monthly meetings and voted on a couple of action items concerning the Bylaws:


1.  Resolution - This was read at the Annual Membership Meeting on Sept 5, 2020, and voted on unanimously by the Board on Sept. 16, 2020. The resolution states, The MLNDA Board of Directors shall not authorize or undertake any actions that
have a financial obligation on the part of property owner members without such action being presented to the property owner members for a vote.
The resolution can be found be found in the link below:


2.  Bylaws revisions - These were unanimously voted on at the Oct 14th Board meeting and include:  

  • Mandatory requirement to inform membership of any Bylaw changes

  • Clarified the forums in which the Board can meet (i.e, Zoom)

  • Clarified 1/3 of directors to be re-elected annually by membership

  • Other minor changes helping to clarify requirements within Bylaws

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