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Each lake community has to develop the dam rehabilitation solution that is right for them. Meadow Lake faces unique challenges that other, more developed lakes do not. That’s why we needed to develop an approach that was realistic and actionable, including looking for ways to value-engineer a cost-effective solution. We won’t fully know costs until we complete this critical study, but we believe our approach will result in a solution that we can afford.

The WCID will be investigating financing solutions for the dam rehabilitation which may include:

  • District Funds Debt (Meadow Lake WCID)

  • Financing Mechanisms to Reduce WCID Debt

    • Local Government Revenues

      • The City of Seguin has pledged $5,000,000​

    • Grants​

      • DOE Maintaining and Enhancing Hydroelectricity Incentives Grant ($5M) - applied Oct. 2023

      • Potential hydro power grants

      • We can and intend to pursue grants even after construction has begun

    • Other Revenues

      • Potential recreational revenue from Nolte Island - nothing agreed, but GBRA open to discussing later on

      • Potential revenue from GBRA property leases on Meadow Lake - again, GBRA open to discussing

      • Portion of Hydro Revenues

    • Low Interest Loan

      • ​US Corps Water Infrastructure Financing Program - 0.5% to 1.0% reduction to market interest rates, 35 year term to be paid after completion of construction, flexible structuring of debt; pre-application was submitted by due date Dec. 18, 2023.

MLNDA's updated fundraising costs are as follows (crossed through amounts have already been used):

**The WCID will rely on donations to fund operating expenses for fiscal year 2023-24 since NO taxes were levied. It is legal for MLNDA to make donations to a government entity (no different from donating to the city to fund the Engineering Study).  If it has no funding, the WCID cannot pursue a solution which would cause inaction vs. action. Please see the WCID tab for more details about the WCID Budget. 

Note that MLNDA as a non-profit, cannot use funds for political reasons like in campaigns for a specific outcome of an election.  This can be done through political action committees (PACs) should you choose to donate to one.


For more details concerning fundraising, please contact Miriam Jones or Tess Coody Anders through

2023-24 Fundraising Chart.jpg
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